Mr. Andrew Pieri

Mr. Andrew Pieri is a distinguished cancer and cosmetic breast surgeon with over 16 years of expertise in Newcastle Upon Tyne.


For Mr. Pieri’s campaign, we set our sights on the local landscape of Newcastle Upon Tyne, deploying a comprehensive Local SEO strategy. Our skilled in-house copywriters collaborated closely with Mr. Pieri, ensuring the creation of accurate, informative content meticulously reviewed by the man himself.

In the world of cosmetic surgery, a Your Money Or Your Life (YMYL) niche dominated by Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T) considerations, we’re often up against huge competitors. Right Hook takes immense pride in our achievements within this fiercely competitive market.

I’ve been working with Matt and his team at Right Hook for over a year now and have seen fantastic results in terms of my website’s Google rankings (up into the top 5 or better for many of my keywords). For me, it’s not just the quality of the work that has been so impressive but also the accessibility! As with most business owners, my working hours are not 9-5 and 5 days a week. Having spent some time with other SEO companies prior to Right Hook, their working hours and contact is very much office hours and sometimes a couple of days to reply. Matt and his team are extremely responsive, which is something I find to be an exceptional trait for a business like this (and it seems something of a USP for them in this industry!). I have also had a lot of informal marketing advice from Matt, and although it is not his speciality, SEO is certainly more closely aligned with it than mine, so this has also been very helpful also! Thanks! 🙏